Welcome to our "Ecosystem Website". On our site we provide information about the nature of Lakes, Water Supply Reservoirs, aquatic ecosystem integrity, and relationships to Raw Water Quality and Treatment. We describe our Research, Consulting, and Implementation work over the past 30+ years. We have also made selected publications, technical information, and several diagnostic Excel spreadsheets readily available for download.

After studying and conducting limnology research for eight years at Rutgers and the University of Connecticut, I began to focus on restoring the quality of damaged lake ecosystems, and managing water quality in supply reservoirs in anticipation of treatment and supply distribution. Avoiding blooms of Cyanobacteria (bluegreen algae), restoring habitat for a viable food web, and water supply limnology have been my primary areas of research and development since 1980 when I founded Ecosystem Consulting Service, Inc.

We provide "state of the art" lake and reservoir restoration and management. Our professional staff specializes in applied "problem solving limnology". Our approach to reservoir and lake management has always been based in science, for which we have received a number of prestigious Technology Innovation and Scientific Publication Awards.

The task of technology is not to correct Nature, but to imitate it.

Diagnosing and correcting the causes of water quality problems long-term is the goal of our work. To accomplish that goal we often find the "healthy natural features" of a lake or reservoir ecosystem of critical importance, and utility. Once the natural features and problem causes are understood we develop a cost-effective plan to solve specific water quality problems.

I hope you find the information on our site helpful. If we can be of assistance please contact us.

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